Turmeric oil = Curcumin oil
Curcumin oil – made of turmeric root, holds invaluable medical properties and is generally recommended to be placed in any menu. The oil has been shown to be effective in a wide variety of unwanted physical manifestations including infections, cancer and many other diseases. After looking at the impressive number of health benefits, you can also understand why the turmeric oil enters the five oils mixture EVOLUTION, developed carefully and selectively.
The root of the turmeric plant has been used throughout human history when its origin in Asia explains why it is so prevalent in the kitchen of almost every nation on the continent. However, the turmeric root is loaded with nutrients and special active compounds, thus providing high physical immunity to people who consume it regularly.
Turmeric oil is obtained by distilling steam from the root, and contains very high amounts of Saskatripen (natural organic compounds of the family of predators, which occur in plants and insects, and possess special properties in the field of body immunity), zingibern, curcumin and a wide variety of compounds that have positive effects on health Man. Let us look together at the many advantages of this plant.

The benefits of turmeric oil
Improving body immunity – One of the most prominent components of the root, curcumin, has been reported in the Italian biochemistry journal that it activates the release of the organic compound bilorubin, which is a powerful antioxidant responsible for strengthening the immune system and also helps to coat the stool! Regular intake of turmeric oil increases the amount of active ingredients of the root in the body, thus helping to keep up against undesirable effects.

Detoxification- One of the organs that works in our body overtime is the liver. It works without interruption to neutralize food and toxins, and to turn them into compounds that the body works with and which are not dangerous to it. Here too, turmeric oil showed defensive abilities on the liver. In a study published on liver health, it was concluded that turmeric oil protected the liver against the effects of a highly potent toxin called methotrexate, and actively helped to purify the liver from the toxicity of the substance. In this study, the active ingredient in aromatic turmeric, is linked to having defensive activity on the liver.

Fighting Cancer – In the medical world, cancer research is among the most developed in the field. Any direction that provides an effective cure for this group of diseases is a blessing. Curcum oil is also investigated in a branch, with reference to it already as a medicine. A 2006 study of 44 male patients with colon lesions that can develop very quickly into cancer found that 4 grams of turmeric a day helped reduce wound levels by 40 percent. One of the study’s conclusions was that curcumin’s ability to kill cancer cells rather than normal cells makes it a preferred candidate for drug development. In addition, promising research in the field, which studies the effects of curcumin along with torramons, which are active ingredients in turmeric oil, silences colorectal cancer from laboratory mice.

Improvement for Alzheimer’s and Neurological Diseases – In the process of Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases (including the destruction of other nerve cells), nerve cells die as a result of many different factors, including the damage of time in adulthood or traumas in the head area. One of the factors influencing the growth of neurons (neurons) is the BDNF, or long-acting neurotrophic factor derived from the brain. Decreased levels of this hormone in the body, linked with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and depression. Many studies have sought to examine the effects of curcumin on neurons and nervous systems, they found to their surprise that the compound can raise the levels of BDNF in the brain.

Fighting infections- although short term infections are essential for the health of the body to fight infections, chronic infections can cause irreversible damage to people and, in severe cases, serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. One of the studies that examined the effects of curcumin, found that it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent which is capable of dealing with infections at the molecular level. Curcumin manages to block the protein array NF-kB, which is responsible for the transcription of DNA in cells that trigger inflammation. CONCLUSIONS: The curcumin of potent potency of effective anti-inflammatory drugs, with no side effects.
Turmeric oil contains large quantities of curcumin, and gives it rare resistance to inflammation. In doing so, consumption of the oil may improve conditions of chronic diseases, joint pain and joints, muscle pain, gout, pain and gastrointestinal tract associated with inflammation.

Curcumin oil –Medical research shows a wide range of beneficial effects of turmeric oil in the areas of heart, skin, brain, teeth and even herpes. Now you also understand that the status of turmeric oil in the mixture of five oils EVOLUTION, is necessary. After conducting a comprehensive study, we found that this compound is also essential for immunity and body health, so we decided to add it as one of the winning quintet of active oils and healers

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