The FIVE immune ingredients

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The FIVE immune ingredients – Consumption of ether oils, which we will call simply as oils, is a long-standing tradition common throughout the world. From the moment that man learned to take parts of plants and perform a process of distillation, which extracts the elements from the plant using water vapor to aqueous and fatty phase, he discovered the medical potential of these mixtures. Common uses were such as smearing on the skin in different places, consuming by eating and applying oil in various holes in the body.
In addition to the fact that oils are an effective treatment tool in the ancient world, modern science has also predicted the potential of refined mixtures from plants. An exclusive field in the world called Aromatherapy, devotes most of its efforts to searching for plants whose oil causes therapeutic effects in the human body, to a wide range of diseases with an emphasis on the immune aspects of the oils.
Immunization actually refers to preventive action, by taking drugs to prevent infection or development of disease. One of the first vaccinations was made by Edward Jenner, who injected a small, healthy child with smallpox lesions. After a while he injected smallpox lesions with him, and to his delight discovered that the boy had not contracted the disease. This is how the first medical vaccine was born, but nations all over the world used medicinal herbs as a routine way to vaccinate the body against various diseases. Today, the number of studies supporting these traditions is piling up.

The FIVE immune ingredients – The EVOLUTION blend contains five types of oils derived from seeds and roots, each of which has unique properties and substances that have effects on the body. When we talk about the properties of the ingredients, we will relate to their benefits during illness, but it is important to note that the best coping against diseases is their prevention! Therefore, the persistence of taking is a key factor in maintaining the immunity of the body.

As a rule, the constituents of oils are fatty compounds, terpenes, tocopherols, polyphenols and steroids. The variety of compounds varies between oils from different sources, so we will go over the same sources and look at evidence from studies around the world that reinforce the claim about their various properties.
Hemp oil, or Hemp seeds, comes from varieties of cannabis sativa, which contains very low amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC, and is intended for use in the textile and nutrition industries. Its unique seeds contain essential fatty acids, which the body can not produce when the salience is linoleic acid, which also turns into alpha linoleic and gamma linoleic. These acids, which have a number of double bonds between the carbon atoms in their carbon tail, turn them into polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). PUFA, with alpha and gamma acids between them, rich in omega-3 bonds (double bonds in carbon number 3 in the acid tail) have been reported to have the ability to control cancer and tumors, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, normalize body fat metabolism, reduce insulin dependence in diabetes, increase overall metabolism and also show anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis.
The FIVE immune ingredients – Similar fatty acids appear in pomegranate seed oil, mainly as omega-5 fatty acids and chia seed oil. Because of the importance of essential fatty acids and the nature and quantity of their presence in the oil, it was decided to introduce the three sources. It should be noted that the ratio of the acids in chia, pheromone, 1: 3 between linoleic and alpha linoleic respectively, is an ideal ratio for maintaining the health of fat metabolism in the body.
Tocopherols, found in all the oils in EVOLUTION, are a group of large compounds known collectively as vitamin E. Although in itself, vitamin E does not show any special activity in the body and may even cause undesirable side effects, but its incorporation into the diet as a dietary supplement has shown certain values ​​as an antioxidant And protection against free radicals.
Terrapens are an extensive family of compounds with strong odors that are used by plants to protect against pests and for their intra-plant actions. Saskatripenes are a family of terpenes and exist in different configurations in oils of various sources. Cariophyllin is a scequitriptan found in the seeds of Hump, Chia, Pomegranate, Ginger root and Turmeric, and is associated with studies that indicate activity as an analgesic, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety and depressant, and even prevents alcoholism. Through the endocannabinoid system, the material is able to make these changes and improve health. In ginger and turmeric, the compounds Zingiberan and Tormron have been shown to have resistance to viruses, protection against ulcers, and calming of abdominal pain caused by gastrointestinal gases.
Polyphenols such as curcumin in the root of turmeric, tannin in pomegranate seeds, ginger in ginger, and a huge number of chia seeds as well as hemampides are strong antioxidants and have shown in many studies various properties for the prevention and treatment of various conditions such as atherosclerosis, Blood pressure and prevention of various cancers, inflammation, cerebral degeneration, weight gain, and diabetes. The properties of any type of polyphenol and even combinations of carbohydrates, fats and proteins alter their activity.
why should I choose to try the five oils?

The FIVE immune ingredients – according to the aromatherapy theory, a combination of different oils creates activity that covers the efficacy of each oil separately, when people’s testimonies suggest that a combination of different types even increases their effects! The special properties of Hemp seed oil have an effect on the prevention and immunity of a variety of diseases and conditions that create weakness and morbidity in the body. The EVOLUTION mixture provides a collection of the oils found by the developers as the most effective for the maintenance of body immunity and the potential for the treatment of various diseases. The combination of oils may enhance the effects of each of the oils that make up the mixture, which means that any oil in the mixture can cause an increase in the effect of the rest of the oils and their combination together increases the immunity. So far, scientific research has not put the spotlight on this field, so the sources covering the interactions between the oils hardly exist. However, few studies have shown that combinations of certain oils help to bring the compounds found in both of them more effectively to the blood circulation and target organs. EVOLUTION is a quintet chosen by tweezers to bring the best elements to the body and to encourage its immunity.

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It is very important to note that before taking any dietary supplement or active ingredient consult your doctor.