The benefits of ginger oil-is one of the world’s most common taste enhancers, it is not surprising that the health benefits of ginger root are among the most impressive in the world. This root is very versatile and very easy to use and has been associated with a very wide range of contributions to body health.
Its many benefits stem from many antioxidant compounds present in it, as well as a series of natural phenolic compounds, which are highly potent for treating a variety of physical disorders. If the word phenol feels alien to you, you are invited to read the article What is phenol at all, and to know a whole world of special compounds with different properties.

As a general rule, the ginger root also has known nutritional values, and in 100 grams of ginger we can find 80 calories, 17.8 grams of carbohydrates, 1.8 grams of protein, 0.7 grams of fat, 2 grams of dietary fiber, and a rich variety of minerals, Metals and vitamins such as copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, niacin, phosphates and vitamin B6.

What distinguishes the oil mixture is its high content, up to 90% Saskatriptan, which are organic organic molecules of the family of the prey, which occur in plants and insects, and possess special properties in the field of body immunity. Other compounds, such as the phenolic Gingerol compound, have been clinically diagnosed and offered as part of the diet on a regular basis. Let’s look at the properties of ginger oil, and we’ll understand why we decided to put the ginger oil in one of the five oils in the EVOLUTION mixture.

The benefits of ginger oil-

Helps with breathing disorders – The chemical composition of ginger oil helps to remove mucus that accumulates in the throat and lungs, and is known as a natural remedy for overcoming spasms and drowsiness, natural cough treatment, help in relieving asthma symptoms, natural bronchitis and shortness of breath. Because of the oily nature of ginger oil, a state of signaling from the oil to the body increases the amount of secretions in the airways, which help lubricate the living areas.
Several studies have shown that ginger oil can be used as a natural remedy for asthma patients. The outbreak of asthma is considered an inflammatory response, so ginger oil can reduce the swelling in the lungs and helps in the opening of the airways.

Reducing inflammation – As we have noted, the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger oil also affect other areas of inflammation. Inflammation is the natural response of the immune system to foreign substances that can cause damage to the body. In cases of hyperactivity, the immune system can also attack healthy cells. These are cases that describe the diseases of muscular dystrophy and leaky bowel syndrome, as well as celiac and irritable bowel syndrome. The addition of food sources with anti-inflammatory properties can prevent and improve the condition of the body during inflammation.
The part of ginger root oil that is responsible for anti-inflammatory properties is an enzyme called a zinjibain. This enzyme provides pain relief and helps to treat muscle pain, arthritis, migraines and even works as a headache remedy. The oil is thought to have the ability to lower levels of prostaglandins (a type of hormone) in the body, which are expressed in processes that create the sense of pain.

Contains high levels of antioxidants – Ginger root contains very high amounts of antioxidants. This diverse group of compounds is capable of activities that prevent damage from the oxidation of substances in our bodies. These substances, called free radicals, can cause inflammation and, in severe cases, cancer.
Science books and research have found that ginger oil can reduce stressors (excess of compounds containing oxygen and decompose creates excess free radicals) associated with older ages, and actually reduce stress. When treated with ginger oil, you can see a reduction in the oxidation of fats in the body, thus helping the body fight the damage caused by free radicals

Cancer research – the group of severe diseases, cancer, are the leading cause of death in the world and therefore the subject employs the best researchers, to find drugs that are accompanied by a minimum amount of side effects. Ginger root has also been studied in the context of cancer.
Studies on the various compounds in ginger oil have examined their anticancer activities. This activity is often associated with the antioxidant effects of ginger and zerobone, which are found in ginger oil. According to one study, these compounds succeeded in preventing the oxidation of cancer cells and effectively silenced a protein involved in various cancers such as pancreatic, lung, kidney, and skin cancers.
Ginger root oil has also been reported to inhibit the growth of skin tumors in mice, especially when gingerol has been prescribed. Therefore, these substances have therapeutic potential for cancer.

Improvement of Liver Functions – The damage caused to the liver by drinking heavily causes the liver to become oily, and in severe cases liver cirrhosis and cancer are also caused. According to one of the science journals related to food and agriculture chemistry, ginger oil can contribute to improving liver health.
In one study, ginger oil was injected into mice with an alcoholic fatty liver every day for four weeks. The researchers concluded that the treatment had effects that helped protect the liver. After alcohol was administered to mice, the amounts of metabolites (toxic metabolites) increased, but then returned to their normal levels.
Other beneficial effects of ginger oil are also expressed in support of digestion and relief of digestive disorders, cures infections and reduces inflammation, strengthens the heart-lung system, reduces pain and menstrual pain, relieves anxiety and even stimulates sexual desire.

This variety of qualities, which are just the tip of the iceberg, convinced us to put the ginger root oil as one of the five oils in EVOLUTION. Along with the combination of Hemp seed oil, Chia, Pomegranate and Turmeric root, provide a protective umbrella that can boost the immunity of the body. The combination of the five oils makes better absorption of each of the oils in the body, as they feel better about the medicinal effects of ginger oil and the four other compounds, according to the authors.

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Here it is worth noting that the taking of any supplement in any form which is, must be accompanied by consultation with the family doctor